Missoula County Weed District & Extension

Lunch and Learn Series

Eight Amazing Classes to choose from, Oct. 2017-May 2018.




Each class is designed to provide just enough (information & Instruction) to allow you to complete a project on your own and still make it back home or to the office before you’re missed! Samples,materials and light snacks provided. 


Oct. 12 (Thurs.)

Making Your Own Edible Arrangements

Turn your beautiful garden produce into an edible arrangement for a special occasion!

You'll never have to throw out this arrangement...just eat it!  Find out how to make your own with just a few materials.

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Nov. 16 (Thurs.)


Cooking with Fennel/Carmelized Fennel & Onion Jam:

 Finely sliced caramelized fennel and onion in a red wine and balsamic vinegar relish.  Who could resist!  Find out how to grow fennel for your own endless

supply of yumminess! Take home a sample.

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Dec. 14 (Thurs.)


Gifts Made with More Love & Less $$.

Three unique gift ideas just in time for the holidays.  Make and take all three!  Shsh!  Don't tell...it's a surprise!

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 Jan.11 (Thurs.)


Olive Oil and Salt-De-Constructed:

Learn about the fascinating world of olive growers.  Sample several varieties of olive oil and decide for yourself what is best!  Salt-we all use it but why are there so many varieties and how should they be used?

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 Feb. 8 (Thurs.)


 Chocolate & Strawberries - Together Again!:

What's better than the taste of strawberries and chocolate?  make your own show-stopping box for Valentine's Day.

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March 8 (Thurs.)


 Herb Infused Oils and Vinegars:

Enhanced flavor and amazing aromas result from using herbal infused oils and vinegars.  Make your own from garden herbs.

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April 12 (Thurs.)


The Power of Purple:

Besides being delicous...Blue and purple pigmented produce is packed with rich antioxidents and that's not all...  Seeds/plants guaranteed to having you seeing purple included.

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May 10 (Thurs.)


 Eat your weeds:  

Learn about the wild edible plants growing in your backyard that can be used in salads, soups, and as garnishes.

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*$12.00 per class



Missoula County Extension Office    


2825 Santa Fe Ct.  



For any quesitions call or email Kelly Moore 258-4206 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..