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Montana Native & Invasive Plant Poster Series

nativeposter 3
Montana Native Plants

© Nancy Seiler

least wanted2
Montana Noxious Weeds

© Nancy Seiler

new invaders
Montana New Invaders

© Nancy Seiler

Single Set of 3 $8.00
Bulk 100 of each $150.00 + shipping

Plant Poster Series

The Montana Native & Invasive Plants poster series can serve as a self guided interpretation of the landscapes of western Montana and the impacts noxious weeds have on them. Use them as an visual aid for an educational program to help display the goals of weed management and healthy plant communities or display them as aesthetically pleasing artwork.  These posters are another tool to be used by educators to promote the importance of the issues of noxious weed invasion on our landscape.

To obtain posters or purchase large quantities contact Steffany, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.