Missoula County Weed District & Extension

Priority Two Weeds

Priority 2 Weeds:
These noxious weeds are small infestations, less than 1000 acres, and classified as "new invaders." These plants have the highest priority in Missoula County to keep them from spreading. Management criteria include prevention, education, early detection, mapping, and eradication. Landowner groups will be organized for each new invader weed species. Priority for controlling Knotweed complex and Tamarisk will be in the riparian areas. Control of these two plants grown as ornamentals will be voluntary by the homeowner. The Weed District will pay up to $100.00 towards their removal.

BluweedBlueweed Diffuse KnapweedDiffuse Knapweed Dyer's WoadDyer's Woad KnotweedKnotweed Complex
Meadow HawkweedMeadow Hawkweed Orange HawkweedOrange Hawkweed Perennial PepperweedPerennial Pepperweed Purple LoosestrifePurple Loosestrife
Russian KnapweedRussian Knapweed Tamarisk or Salt Cedar Tamarisk or Saltcedar Whitetop
Yellow Flag IrisYellowflag Iris