Several of the animal science projects have achievement programs as a part of the learning experience. They teach subject matter related to each animal while helping you develop life skills. In each level, you may choose from a variety of learning goals. By completing the minimum requirements at each level, you’ll learn about every part of the project and be ready for the next level. The achievement program will help you set goals, record your successes and be recognized for your good work. Each level can take three years or more to complete. You are not expected to complete a level each year. In some projects, more than one level can be completed in a year if you are highly motivated.

Project Areas include: Beef, Cat, Dairy, Dog, Goat, Horse and Pony, Pocket Pets, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep, Swine, Veterinary Science

Additional Animal Sciences information from the Montana Center for 4-H Youth Development website:

(More information is available in the 4-H Clover, pages 8-17.)

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