Cloverbuds: A 4-H Discovery Program
Montana 4-H includes a special program just for 6- to 8-year-olds — called Cloverbuds. Youngsters in the Cloverbud project work with other children on selected 4-H activities from a structured curriculum that is fun, hands-on and discovery-oriented. Youth of this age group enroll ONLY in this project and all activities are non-competitive. Through Cloverbuds, children can develop age-appropriate skills and abilities. Guidelines for this project are somewhat different from those of the traditional 4-H program. Since Cloverbuds is different from the regular 4-H program, it is important for those working with Cloverbuds programs to be trained in the philosophy and guidelines for this program.

(More information is available in the 4-H Clover, page 2.)

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