Urban Pesticide Education Training

Apr 19th 2023 - Apr 19th 2023

Start Time: 8:00 AM
End Time: 12:30 PM

Where: Missoula Fairgrounds Home Arts Building 35
1101 South Ave West Missoula
MT 59801

The MSU Extension Pesticide Education Program (PEP) is offering an urban pesticide training to assist homeowners, gardeners, and other urban pesticide applicators in understanding the basics of using pesticides. This includes how to select the proper pesticide, reading and understanding the pesticide product label, how to manage pests, calibrating sprayers properly, pesticide safety, and avoiding non-target impacts. This training will offer private and commercial applicator credits.
• Location: Missoula County Fairgrounds Home Arts Building 35, 1101 South Ave W, Missoula, MT 59801
• Agenda: 8 am to 12:30 pm
• Fee: $15
• Registration: Register online by April 14th or contact Amy Bowser at (406) 994-5178, or amy.bowser@montana.edu.
More information including a full agenda is available online.

Printable Agenda

7:30 am - Registration and Sign In
8:00 am - Welcome, Dr. Cecil Tharp, MSU Extension Pesticide Education Specialist
8:05 am - Selecting the Proper Pesticide, Dr. Cecil Tharp, MSU Extension Pesticide Education Specialist
During this presentation, you will learn the basics of pesticides and what factors you should consider when selecting a pesticide for use in your home garden or in urban settings.

8:35 am - Reading and Understanding the Pesticide Label, Amy Bowser, MSU Extension Pesticide Education Technician
Reading and understanding the pesticide product label is an important step in pesticide applications. Amy will introduce you to the different sections of the label and what specific wording means to you as the applicator.

9:05 am - Managing Urban Pests Using IPM, Abiya Saeed, MSU Extension Horticulture Specialist
Abi will discuss the definition of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and explain how to use these methods to manage pests in an urban landscape. IPM is used to manage pest damage by the most economical means, and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.

9:55 am - Break and Refreshments
10:10 am - Understanding Pesticide Safety and Toxicity, Dr. Cecil Tharp, MSU Extension Pesticide Education Specialist
During this presentation you will learn how to protect yourself and others from pesticide exposure. Cecil will discuss toxicity, signal words, personal protective equipment (PPE), poisoning and cleaning equipment and PPE.
10:40 am - Minimixing Environmental Risk from Pesticides, Amy Bowser, MSU Extension Pesticide Education Technician
Amy will cover how pesticides move within the environment and how pesticide applicators can minimize the environmental impacts of their pesticide applications. Topics will include the role of weather, protecting water, soil, and plants from non-target damage, and what to do if you have a pesticide spill.

11:10 am - Calibration of Yard and Garden Sprayers, Dr. Cecil Tharp, MSU Extension Pesticide Education Specialist
Calibrating pesticide sprayers is important to determine the exact amount of pesticide applied. By applying too much pesticide product an applicator increases the potential for environmental contamination, damage to beneficial plants, and risk to their personal safety. Too little pesticide product poses the risk of pest resistance and poor management of pests. Cecil will cover how to properly calibrate handheld and backpack sprayers for home garden use.

12:00 pm - Urban Pesticide Application Jeopardy, Amy Bowser, MSU Extension Pesticide Education Technician
Attendees will participate in a fun review of what was covered during this event including safety, environment, the label, IPM and calibration.

12:30 pm - Event Adjourned
Pesticide Education Credits Offered
If you are attending this event for credits please bring your pesticide license with you to the event. This program is available for the following pesticide license categories:

10 - Dealer 4
30 - Agricultural Plant Pest Control 4
34 - Ornamental and Turf Pest Control 4
39 - Demonstration & Research Pest Control 4
60 - Private Agricultural Pest Control 4

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