fall shotProgram Descrition:
Healthy Acres works to engage Missoula County landowners in hands-on, stewardship-based educational seminars:

  • Raise the awareness of small acreage landowners
  • Encourage landowners to talk with their neighbors
  • Build community relationships
  • Create healthy land and vegetation management
  • Landowners teach and helping others with good land stewardship 

2016 Healthy Acres Seminar Agenda

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Past program presentations:
How Invasives Impact Your Property - Yvette Ortega Rocky Mountain Research Station
Poisonous Plants of Montana - Rachel Frost Montana State University
Appropriate Landscapes - Bryce Christiaens Missoula County Weed District
Working with your Neighbors - Jerry Marks Missoula County Weed District
Pasture Health and Management - Jeff Mosely Montana State University
Water Rights - Bill Schultz DNRC
Promoting Native Vegetation - Marilyn Marler University of Montana
Bark Beetles-What are they and how to manage them - Peter Kolb MSU Extension Forestry



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