The Missoula County 4-H Horse Committee meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm in the Extension Office large conference room.

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2020 Western Montana Fair 4-H Horse Show Patterns

Some of these were used in 2014, 2013 and 2012, so don't let the date written on the pattern throw you.

Each document has 3 patterns, one of which will be the pattern used at the show.


Horsemanship Showmanship Miniature Others
Western 1 Novice Obstacle 1 Green Horse 1
Western 2 Junior Obstacle 2 Green Horse 2
Western 3 Senior Obstacle 3 Green Horse 3
Western 4     Green Horse 4
Western 5 Mini Novice Driving 1  
Western 6 Mini Junior Driving 2 Colt to Maturity 1
  Mini Senior   Colt to Maturity 2
English 1     Colt to Maturity 3
English 2     Colt to Maturity 4
English 3      
English 4     Western Games Walk-Trot
English 5     Western Games - Junior
English 6     Western Games - Senior
Miniature 1     Working Ranch Horse 1
Miniature 2     Working Ranch Horse 2
Miniature 3     Working Ranch Horse 3




Horse Project Materials

2019-20 Horse Project Guidelines

Horse Project Release form (due before you start riding)

Me & My Horse form (due by Fair Entry due date - June 5th)

Western Games Project Guide

Trail Project Record Sheets

Trail Project Judge's Score Sheet

Horsemanship Levels 1-3

Horsemanship Levels 4-7

Miniature Horse Project Bookssaddle

Horsemanship 1

Horsemanship 2

Jumping 1

Jumping 2

Jumping 3

Obstacle 1

Obstacle 2

Obstacle 3



Other Resources

Rule Exception / Grievance Form

Feed Records Tip Sheet

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