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                             Juniper (Juniperus spp.)                          

Juniperus virginiana        

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Junipers are evergreen trees and shrubs with fleshy, berry-like cones.  Foliage is needlelike, scalelike, or both.  Foliage color varies from a dark green to light green, blue, sliver-blue, yellow and shades in between.  Junipers are the most widely used woody plants in the west; there's a form for almost every landscape.  Juniper types include ground cover forms a few inches to 2-3', taller prostrate shrubs, and taller spreading or erect tree types.  Junipers succeed in all soils except waterlogged.  They are best grown in full sun to light shade.



Affecting Needles:
Signs or Symptoms      Cause
Frothy masses on needles Juniper spittlebug (Clastoptera juniperinaBell).
Honeydew present Giant conifer aphids (Cinara spp.)
Needles chewed and fragments tied with webbing Juniper webworm (Dichomeris marginella)
Aphids on needles Giant conifer aphids (Cinara spp.)
Pale green or yellow needles Iron chlorosis
Needles tips bleached or brown Winter dessication or Vole injury
Needles become grayish, with small flecks Spruce spider mite (Oligonychus ununguis)
Scales on needles Juniper scale (Carulaspis juniperi Bouche) or Fletcher scale (Parthenolecanium fletcheri)
Affecting Twigs and Smaller Branches:
Signs or Symptoms Cause
Twig galls Juniper rusts (Gymnosporangium spp.)
Twig dieback Grasshoppers (Melanoplus spp.)Phytophthera Root or Crown Rot
Large aphids on branches, twigs Giant conifer aphids (Cinara spp.)
Brown felt-like material on needles and branches (higher elevations only) Brown felt blight (Herpotricha juniperi)
Affecting Trunk or Larger Branches:
Signs or Symptoms Cause
Witches' brooms or branch galls Juniper broom rust (Gymnosporangium speciosum)
Large aphids on branches, trunk Giant conifer aphids (Cinara spp.)
Affecting Roots and Ground Line Area:
Signs or Symptoms Cause
White root decay with white mycelial fans between bark and wood Armillaria root disease (Armillaria mellea)
Brown, discolored roots Phytophthera Root or Crown Rot

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