The Missoula County Master Gardener Program is an ever evolving program to meet the needs of Missoula's gardening/farming-centric community.  Level II registration is now open!


master gardener level 2 flyer



The time is coming for the 2021 Level II Master Gardener Program and registration is NOW OPEN

This program is meant to build upon the fundamentals of horticulture developed in the Level I Master Gardener Program.  This will surely be a fun and educational experience. 

Course Logistics:

  1. We will hold the WebEx broadcasts twice a week, Monday and Thursday nights, starting January 21st until March 1st (schedule attached).
  2. We will broadcast for approximately 1 hour each night, so it will be double the number of typical meetings, 11- one hour meetings for the course.
  3. Different specialists will help with the different modules through the progression, and to answer questions during the evening presentations (see attached schedule).

We will record the presentations, and they will be put online for a short period of time for participants who miss the occasional presentation so they can make it up at the end. BUT, the presentations will be pulled down off the web after about a week, so as to not lose the proprietary nature of the material. Participant expectation is that they “attend” the class on broadcast times. 


For additional information or questions email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 258-4205


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