japanese knotweed© Nancy SeilerMissoula County's New Invader Task Force works to control small infestations of noxious weed classified as new invaders by the Missoula County Noxious Weed Management Plan. This work falls under two main categories:

  1. The treatment and eradication of known infestations of new invader species in Missoula County;
  2. The prevention of establishment of new invaders by identifying sites that have a high risk of invasion and systematically monitoring them. 
Project Success
Since 2007, the New Invader Task Force, through the work of the Weed Ranger, has made treatments to over 1200 sites in Missoula County, treating roughly 200 acres per year.  In 2011, 268 sites were treated for 10 species.  For more information on the New Invader Task Force, contact Matt Deaton, Weed Prevention Coordinator,
matt@ missoulaeduplace.org.

Japanese Knotweed Initiative
Some species, like Japanese knotweed, are treated as individual projects.  Japananese knotweed infests just over 18 acres primarily in the Missoula urban area.  Fifty-five sites have been prioritized for treatment based on their proximity to water and potential to spread to natural waterways.  Missoula County also offers a $100.00 reimbursement incentive to homeowners to remove ornamental plantings of Japanese knotweed from their property.  For more information on Japanese knotweed treatments or the incentive program, contact Steffany Rogge-Kindseth at steffany@ missoulaeduplace.org.

Target Species:




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