Active Landowner Groups in the Northhills/Rattlesnake

Grant/Butler Creek Weed Management Group: Originally, there was a weed group in Grant creek and another in Butler creek but landowners form both drainages frequently work together. Currently, the Grant/Butler Creek Weed Management Group includes landowners from Butler and Grant creek as well as the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. They are actively involved in weed management, habitat restoration and improving elk corridors. In 2006 they applied for Noxious Weed Trust Fund Grant to help fund weed work in the area.
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Butler Creek Homeowners Association
Grant Creek Homeowners Association
Prospect Meadows Homeowners Association
Prospect Homeowners Association
Circle H Homeowners Association
Goodan-Keil Homeowners Association
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These groups deal with issues relevant to landowners in the north hills area. They often included weed management in their agenda. All groups coordinate weed control on common areas in their subdivisions and pursue funding for weed management. Several landowners from these groups are also involved with the Grant/Butler Creek weed group. If you are live in these neighborhoods and want to get involved contact your local neighborhood representative. For more information on the activities of these associations contact: Lindsey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (406)258-4219.

Rattlesnake Watershed Group is a group dedicated to protecting and preserving the Rattlesnake. They deal with a multitude of issues such as: water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, riparian health and more. They frequently work on weed issues around the Rattlesnake. For more information about what they do visit their website here.


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