Private Applicator Training a.k.a. Farm Applicator

Why do I need a license?
Anyone planning on purchasing and treating with a restricted-use-pesticide (RUP) must be a current Private Applicator in the state of Montana.  RUPs can harm the environment or the applicator when not used as labeled because of these concerns a license is required to purchase and apply these pesticides. Learn more about herbicides and calibrating equipment here.
Examples: Tordon 22K, Hoelen 3EC, Warrior, Photoxin and many more. 

What type of license do I need?

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How do I obtain a private applicator license?

  • Attend an approved initial training program and take an un-graded open book exam
  • Pass an open book graded exam administered by your local PAT agent


When will my license expire?
Missoula County is in region 1 for the Montana private applicator program. Each region has a five year re-certification cycle beginning on January 1st.  Missoula County license holders will need to renew in 2018.  6 private applicator credits must be obtain by December 31st, 2018.


How do I get re-certification credits?
In order to renew your private applicator license you must obtain 6 private applicator re-certification credits before the end of your regions five year cycle.  Programs have to be accredited by the MSU Pesticide Education Program. For information on upcoming training in your area follow the MT Plants link or contact Steffany @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How do I find my license number and check how many credits I have?
To find your license number or check the amount of private applicator credits you have go to MT Plants home page find Pesticide Programs on the sidebar, from here you can enter your name and find your license number and check how many credits you have obtained.

Upcoming Credit Opportunities:
Pest Management Tour - October 4th, 2018 




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