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Native and invasive plant poster series available as an educational resource or just to adorn your wall.

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kNOweeds Curriculum

This curriculum will provide teachers, educators, and weed professionals with an ecologically-based invasive weed curriculum that assists students in developing awareness, knowledge and skills that will result in responsible land stewardship in the state of Montana.

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Weed ID/Recommendations

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Online Vegetation Mapping

The Missoula County Weed District has an exciting new tool for landowners to use to map the weeds on their property. Collector is part of ESRI’s suite of apps connected to ArcGIS Online. It allows us to create maps online that landowners and Weed District staff can then use in the field on their smart phones or tablets. Using the same basic weed mapping techniques that we have been teaching for years, Collector streamlines the citizen mapping experience as you no longer need to return our loaner GPS units to the office for data downloads and charging.

If you are interested in trying Collector, contact Jed Little at the Weed District (, 258-4220).

Landowner Visits and Consultations

Looking for help on developing a vegetation management plan for your land? We provide free site visits to help you with plant identification and recommendations to help you meet your goals.

Landowner Visit/Consultation

Grant Opportunities

This program is great for Cooperative Landowner Groups with clear vegetation management goals and motivation to accomplish work across a large landscape. A Cooperative Landowner Group must consist of at least three adjacent landowners and implement an integrated weed management strategy.

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