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Education is the first step in Integrated Weed Management

Before you can even start controlling weeds on your property, it is important to educate yourself about all the aspects of weed management. The Weed District is here to help!

Five Steps to an Integrated Weed Management Plan:

  1. Establish goals: What do you want to grow? What are you going to use the land for?
  2. Inventory and map noxious weed infestations. Prevent new infestations where possible.
  3. Prioritize small and large weed infestations. Control the small infestations first and then contain the large infestations.
  4. Adopt proper land management practices. Monitor and evaluate changes in vegetation yearly.
  5. Incorporate new strategies and adapt your plan when necessary.

The Missoula County Weed District is working to improve current weed training to increase awareness of weed issues and provide skills in weed management at all levels, from the wider community to specialist weed managers.

For more information contact Steffany Rogge, Education Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or call 406-258-4211

Notes from future stewards!

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