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4-H Projects

4-H Projects

Each year, the Montana Center for 4-H Youth Development publishes their Project Selection Guide called the "Montana 4-H Clover." The Montana 4-H Clover describes each of the Program Areas and lists project books and materials for all Project Areas.

2022-23 4-H Project Guide (aka "The Clover")


A 4-H Discovery Program

Montana 4-H includes a special program just for 6- to 8-year-olds called Cloverbuds. Youngsters in the Cloverbud project work with other children on selected 4-H activities from a structured curriculum that is fun, hands-on and discovery-oriented. Youth of this age group enroll ONLY in this project and all activities are non-competitive. Through Cloverbuds, children can develop age-appropriate skills and abilities. Guidelines for this project are somewhat different from those of the traditional 4-H program. Since Cloverbuds is different from the regular 4-H program, it is important for those working with Cloverbuds programs to be trained in the philosophy and guidelines for this program.

Plant Sciences

Through the Plant Sciences projects, youth will learn to identify plants, develop skills in caring for and using plants, learn to recognize undesirable and poisonous plants, learn to grow crops properly, develop an appreciative attitude toward sound management of our natural resources and much more.

Project Areas include: Crop Science, Weed Science, Gardening

Animal Sciences

Several of the animal science projects have achievement programs as a part of the learning experience. They teach subject matter related to each animal while helping you develop life skills. In each level, you may choose from a variety of learning goals. By completing the minimum requirements at each level, you'll learn about every part of the project and be ready for the next level. The achievement program will help you set goals, record your successes and be recognized for your good work. Each level can take three years or more to complete. You are not expected to complete a level each year. In some projects, more than one level can be completed in a year if you are highly motivated.

Project Areas include: Beef, Cat, Dairy, Dog, Goat, Horse and Pony, Pocket Pets, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep, Swine, Veterinary Science

Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences covers the study of our natural environment and the outdoors. Through projects in this curriculum area, you investigate the great outdoors and participate in activities that prepare you for learning more about the outdoors and our natural ecology.

Project Areas include: Forestry, Entomology, Shooting Sports, Wildlife, Range Science Management, Sport Fishing

Independent Study

In most projects, an independent study phase is provided for those who have spent several years in a project and who are looking for new challenges and opportunities. This level allows a member to take personal initiative to explore topics that have not been previously investigated and still remain enrolled in the project. Members enrolling in the independent study phase of any project should develop a detailed learning plan for their work in the project.

Mechanical Sciences

Mechanical Sciences projects help you understand how technology can be applied to everyday living. In these projects, you'll learn about the use of tools, how to develop your mechanical skills, and understand the complexity of machinery.

Project Areas include: Aerospace, Bicycle, Electricity, Small Engines, Woodworking

Family & Consumer Science

Family and Consumer Sciences projects help you learn the necessary skills to make informed decisions and wise consumer choices. These projects can teach you skills that you'll use everyday throughout your life from clothing buymanship to proper nutrition, from home improvements to child care.

Project Areas include: Child Development, Sewing and Textiles, Family Life, Foods and Nutrition, Home Environment

Volunteerism & Leadership

Volunteerism and Leadership involves youth and adults in significant roles where they can help facilitate the growth of others. Opportunities to contribute in meaningful ways to your club, your community, your country and your world can be numerous. Through these projects, you can help others, serve as a mentor, tutor or coach, and fill important leadership roles that contribute to the overall vitality of your community.

Project Areas include: Teen Leadership

Communications, Arts & Leisure Sciences

Communications, Arts and Leisure Science projects help you develop your skills in communications and arts. From photography to public speaking, these projects will enhance your abilities to communicate effectively with others in a variety of media. Some of these projects can evolve into careers. Most can become lifelong hobbies to enrich your life.

Project Areas include: Photography, Leathercraft, Exploring 4-H, Self-Determined, Cowboy Poetry