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Collaborating for Conservation

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Missoula County Department of Ecology

Missoula County Department of Ecology strives to provide coordination, educational outreach, and training to address the needs of the public in the areas of Land Management, Youth Development, and Family and Consumer Sciences.

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Looking to the Future

THE MISSOULA BUTTERFLY HOUSE & INSECTARIUM AND MISSOULA COUNTY WEED DISTRICT & EXTENSION have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to join together and blend our complimentary programs for all Montanans and visitors. Our facility and gardens will be located on the campus of the Missoula County Fairgrounds and will be the first major milestone of its long-awaited revitalization. Attracting travelers and residents into the heart of our town, we will be an important contributor to the economic vitality in Midtown Missoula.

WITH YOUR HELP, WE WILL PROVIDE PROGRAMS FOR THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY, young and old, that will inspire understanding of the vital interconnection of science, plants and insects including our precious pollinators. We will preserve, honor and expand rural traditions in the urban center with meaningful and practical hands-on experiences — consistent with Missoula’s culture. We will be a regional model for rural-urban renewal and science education. Together, we will secure Montana's heritage and nourish a vibrant, healthy future for next generations.

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