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Bug swarms in Missoula warn of winter weather switch

Oct 6, 2021

This fall produced a particularly big swarm of leafcurl aphids in neighborhoods with green ash trees, according to Missoula County Extension Service horticulturalist Sandy Perrin. "Their whole mission is to mate and lay eggs and die,” Perrin said. “It happens in a short period of time— maybe a week or two. They don’t harm anything other than fly up your nose."

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Missoula high school students head to Bison Range for conservation management

Jul 31, 2019

Four Missoula high school students worked their way around fallen trees, thorny bushes and bear scat Tuesday while they helped federal workers preserve Ponderosa pines on the National Bison Range.

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Monday's Montanan: Bryce Christiaens is in the weeds and loving it

Apr 28, 2019

Bryce Christiaens waxes philosophical about weeds for a good reason — he’s a self-described “weed nerd” with a degree in philosophy. His job as the Missoula County Weed District Manager goes back to his roots on the ranch where he grew up near Valier and learned first-hand the values of managing vegetation on the landscape level.

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Lake View Trail completed, ground broken for all-access trail

October 1, 2020

SEELEY LAKE - As part of their Hill 16 trail system project, Seeley Lake Regional Outdoor Center for Kinetic Sports' (ROCKS) recently completed the Lake View Trail and began a yet to be named all-access trail. Both are located near Placid Lake State Park.

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Missoula County worker's 50 years in the weeds

Nov 17, 2019

Jerry Marks started working for Missoula County in 1969, when the noxious weeds operation consisted of a couple of guys driving around in trucks, spraying herbicides. He was an intern fresh out of college, and while the rest of the interns moved on after the summer, the county asked him to stay.

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Educational gardens, insect exhibits to be included at Rocky Mountain Exploration Center

August 3rd 2020

Since 1994, Jerry Marks with the Missoula Weed District has envisioned a learning center with educational gardens, insect exhibits and classrooms for interactive learning, and now, over 25 years later, it's happening.

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