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Funding and Grants

Missoula County Landowner Grants

The Missoula County Weed District will be pausing the Landowner Grant Program that was created to assist private landowners and managers with noxious weed management.

For additional information or question you can email Lindsey

Montana Noxious Weed Trust Fund

This program is great for Cooperative Landowner Groups with clear vegetation management goals and motivation to accomplish work across a large landscape. A Cooperative Landowner Group must consist of at least three adjacent landowners and implement an integrated weed management strategy.

Missoula County Weed District will assist your Cooperative Landowner Group in organizing and preparing the Noxious Weed Trust Fund Grant application and oversee reimbursements after the grant is successfully funded.

For more information, go to the Montana Noxious Weed Trust Fund website or contact Lindsey,, (406)258-4219 if you are interested in creating a Cooperative Landowner Group.

Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program or WHIP Grant

The purpose of WHIP is to accomplish large-scale restoration of private and publicly owned high-priority wildlife habitats through noxious weed treatments.

Projects are intended to be focused on ecologically-important wildlife habitats with landscape-scale benefits. Grants, which are paid in the form of reimbursed expenses, may be issued for up to five year’s duration. Priorities for funding include: landscape-scale projects lands that are open to public hunting and involve priority wildlife habitats; noxious weed infestations that directly impact habitat functions; broad partnerships involving multiple landowners; proposals with leveraging beyond the minimum match funding requirement; projects that retain or restore native plant communities.

The funding for this grant comes from the Montana Wildlife Habitat Improvement Act that was passed into law by the 2017 Legislature. The legislation makes $2M available annually from federal Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration funds.

For more information go to the Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks website.

Other Funding Sources