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Additional Resources

Additional Resources


MSU "Soil Scoop" series by Dr. Clain Jones

Soil testing: Getting a Good Sample

Soil testing Labs in Montana

MSU Extension Soil Fertility Website

MSU publication: "Herbicide Contaminated Soils and Composts:"

Fruit and Berry Production:

Montana Heritage Orchard Program

Montana Apples Program

Montana Berry Growers Association

Montana Grape and Winery Association

MSU Western Agriculture Research Center

Growing Grapes in Minnesota Technical Manual

HoneyberryUSA Nursery website (resources on berries)

Intermountain West Tree Fruit Production Guide

Vegetable Production:

MSU Schutter Diagnostic Lab

Fertilizing the Garden Soil

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE)

University of Wyoming Extension High Tunnel Information

Vegetable Gardening in western Montana video series

Plant Resources:

Montana Field Guide for native species

Missouri Botanical Garden Plant Finder

Montana Plant Life Wildflower Identification website

USDA Plants Database

Montana Native Plants Society

Montana Herbal Festival

Natural Resources and Forestry:

Missoula DNRC Conservation Seedling Nursery

NRCS Montana Conservation Trees and Shrubs for Montana publication

MSU Extension Forestry and Forest Stewardship Program

U of MT Arboretum

Ranch and Farm, Grass and Pasture Management, and General Agriculture:

Montana State University Experiment Stations

MSU Extension Forages Program

MSU Extension Range Management Program

NDSU Extension Custom Farming Rates

USU Extension Small Farms Program

OSU Extension Small Farms Program

MSU Extension Economics Land Lease Rates

MSU Extension Beef Cattle Resources

MSU Extension Integrated Pest Management Center

MSU Extension Pesticide Education Program

Montana Department of Agriculture Rodent Management