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Lolo Mosquito District Fogging

2023-06-29 16:05:11

Lolo Mosquito District will fog the entire district tonight 7/11 starting around 9:00 pm. Please be advised, share this notice with your neighbors, and bring in pets, close windows and turn off sprinklers.

The truck speed must be maintained at 10-12 mph according to label directions. You may not see the truck come down your road but the fog will! We use the wind direction and speed to help move the Ultra Low Volume mist into yards.

YOU can help by dumping out any standing water in your yard, old tires, pails, birdbaths, etc. Keeping weeds and grass mowed short and making sure to dry out your lawn completely in between watering. Our traps indicate we have mostly flood water mosquitoes occurring in Lolo and they can be more aggressive.

Thank you for your support!

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