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Weed ID and Recommendations

Invasive Grasses

Bulbous Bluegrass Cheatgrass Common Reed Japanese Brome Medusahead Ventanata


Blueweed Canada Thistle Common Buckthorn Common Tansy Dalmatian Toadflax Diffuse knapweed Field Bindweed Flowering Rush Hoary Alyssum Houndstongue Japanese Knotweed Leafy Spurge Meadow Hawkweed Orange Hawkweed Oxeye Daisy Perenniel Pepperweed Purple Loosestrife Rush Skeletonweed Russian Knapweed Russian Olive Salt Cedar Scotchbroom Spotted Knapweed St Johnswort Sulphur Cinquefoil Tall Buttercup Tansy Ragwort Whitetop Yellow Toadflax Yellowflag Iris